Healthcare and Insurance.

◆ Medical Check

  • All freshmen should participate in the physical examination program and the examination will be conducted at the beginning of each new semester. If the medical exam has already been conducted abroad, a copy of the medical exam report needs to be submitted to the health center. 
  • NPTU physical examinations check post:

NPTU will conduct physical examinations for students in the first week of the Fall semester (in September) in the school gym. 

  • Items Requested for Health Certificate:

Students need to fill out the checklist for medical examinations to apply for the Taiwan resident visa. For more information, please refer to the following link:


◆ Health Insurance

  • Student Accident Insurance (Optional)

Student insurance costs NT$500 per month. Once covered under the plan, you may receive compensation if you are hospitalized, use outpatient services, or undergo an operation in the event of illness or accidental injury. Compensation must be claimed within two years of the accident or illness. To claim compensation, please go to Student Assistance Division.

  • National Health Insurance (NHI)
  1. Due to the regulation of NHI, only those who have already stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months are eligible to join the NHI plan.
  2. Benefits of NHI:

You will be issued a Student NHI IC Card after you join the program. Your NHI IC card, along with Alien Resident Certificate, will allow you to seek covered medical services from NHI-affiliated hospitals and clinics. To avoid wasting of medical resources, you are responsible for the medical facility registration fee as well as other supplementary fees. 

  • External link:

I. National Health Insurance Administration:

II. Ministry of Education:

Documents required to apply for the NHI program

◆ Application form

◆ A copy of your resident visa and student ID card

◆ 2 photographs (3.5x4.5cm)

◆ Fees: NT$200

◆Application Division: National Health Insurance Administration